Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding

Klebo Technics is specialized in ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics. There is a long term cooperation with a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, based on high-frequency sound technology.

The primary applications are ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics. But ultrasonic welding is also practised as a suitable fastening technique for thermosetting plastics.

Klebo Technics has realized practical applications for:


  • Packaging systems – the ultrasonic welding of absorberpads in plastic trays for meat, poultry and fish products
  • Sustainable energy systems – the ultrasonic welding of plastics for cultivating algae
  • Medical devices – for attaching stoma patches
  • Drainage technology – an encapsulated metal wire is used for locating drainage systems in the soil

Benefits of ultrasonic welding are:


  • hardly any heating of the workpieces, so no deformations
  • cooling isn’t necessary (= energy savings)
  • optimal hygiene (no smoke, vapor and no waste materials), even without ventilation
  • suitable for automation of the industrial fastening process
  • high performance; often ultrasonic welding occurs within one single second; the workpieces can therefore proceed directly into the mechanical process flow
  • a safe welding process, because there is no open fire (combustible and explosive materials can be ultrasonic welded)

Summary: ultrasonic welding is a suitable alternative for well-known fastening technique as screwing, glueing or clicking. ?

Advice en technical support


  • Do you have specific questions about ultrasonic welding?
  • Are you looking for a dedicated welding process for plastics, probably combined with metal work pieces?
  • Do you want to integrate ultrasonic welding into a new machine application?
  • Are you looking for a mechatronic design in order to develop new machinery based on ultrasonic welding?

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