Manufacturing and Customization

Construction of modular assemblies

Klebo Technics designs, manufactures and tests modules and sub-assemblies.


The product range for modular systems focusses on customers in several markets.
This includes e.g.:

multiple filter systems
composed assemblies for universities and research institutes
meat processing machinery
welding molds for the metalworking industry (OEM and / or suppliers)

The supplied customer drawings are – of course - determining the final execution. Klebo Technics too advises clients on re-design and reverse-engineering.

Composed machining

Klebo Technics produces for clients composed turning, milling and welding parts.
Including possible follow-up steps like:


Single products and activities - such as turning, milling and welding - are also part of the delivery program.

Engineering  is important for modular constructions as well as turning, milling and welding activities. In the integrated Klebo Technics program the manufacturing activities are often connected with Support. These activities (e.g. as directorial work) primarily focus on maintenance, service, retrofits and (software)upgrades. In The Klebo Technics point of view the manufacturing output at customers sites is leading. A precondition is machines in topcondition!

Processing equipment

Klebo Technics developes a range of processing equipment in cooperation with partner companies.

The manufacturing of piping systems for separating and / or mixing liquids and solids are key activities.

As an example, these systems are used for cleaning waste water. This means for customers cost savings by discharging waste water. The development and delivery of process installations is fully customized.

Klebo Technics produces, delivers and assembles these installations in connection with the required equipment and peripheral systems.

There is a strong focus on

Klebo Technics focusses on a turnkey-approach in the cooperation with its clients. In addition to engineering and manufacturing, support is an important part of business management. The policy is quite clear: Klebo Technics clients rely on machines in top condition!

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I.M.S. (International Machining Services) is a service provider in the field of machining. I.M.S. is responsible for producing parts of machines.

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I.T.M.S. (International Turbo Machinery Services) operates in the overhaul and maintenance of turbines and gas or liquid compressors. ITMS helps to keep power plants running.

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