Soak Pad Loader

Soak Pad Loader ®

Soak Pad Loader ®

The Soak Pad Loader is practised for positioning and attaching pad materials (the so called absorbers) inside plastic food trays. The primary applications are the usual plastic packaging trays for meat, poultry and fish products.

The production performance is about 3.000 trays per hour, depending on the size of the plastic packaging trays.
The foil material for water absorption is cut off from the roll. The foil is attached to the bottom of the packaging by means of ultrasonic welding  or glueing.

The Top-10 advantages of the Soak Pad Loader ®:

  • High performance output
  • Zero defects
  • Reliability
  • Unique ultrasonic welding process
  • Customer-specific modifications are applicable
  • Accurate positioning and attachment of absorber pads
  • Siemens-PLC-control system
  • High level components (e.g. Festo for pneumatic parts)
  • Modular construction (alu-frame)
  • A minimum of maintenance is required.

Common sizes of the plastic food trays:

  • Length: 160 – 325 mm
  • Width: 137 – 265 mm
  • Height: 20 – 100 mm

Suitable plastic tray types:

  • PP-tray types
  • PET-tray types
  • MAP-tray types
  • PE-tray types

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