BeeMagic – latest state-of-art absorber technology for meat, poultry and fish products

Dampack International B.V. introduces in close cooperation with Klebo Technics B.V. a new patented absorber technology: the BeeMagic Trays. Primary applications are the plastic trays for meat, poultry and fish products.

A perforated foil is the basis. This foil is attached by mechanical force on the structured bottom of plastic food trays. The absorber machine reaches – in single production mode – a capacity of approx. 2.700 trays per hour.  

Click here for the Video of the Beemagic tray

Important advantages of the BeeMagic-absorber machine are:


  • High performance
  • Zero defects
  • Reliability
  • Customization  
  • High level components of well-known brands
  • Modular construction

Advantages of the BeeMagic-Trays are:


  • Improved quality of different food products
  • Attractive visual presentation in food retail
  • Less discoloration of food products
  • Longer shelf life due to lowering the germ count
  • Less losses of moisture
  • No impressions
  • In compliance with the European EFSA-rulings (= European Food Safety Authority)
  • Patented absorber technology

CSR (= Corporate Social Responsibility) – environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable
On request results of research projects with pork, minced meat, beef and chicken fillet are available to provide information about

  • the improved quality by reducing the germ count on the expiration date
  • limiting moisture losses

The BeeMagic  - machine concept
The conceptual basis for the BeeMagic-absorber machine are
trends in the consumer market: focus on convenience food products and a fresh product presentation inside the shelves
sustainability: the plastic tray and the absorber foil are both 100% recyclable; this fits with the CSR-policy (= Corporate Social Responsibility) of meat, chicken and fish processing companies
an innovative absorber technology: moisture is collected between the perforated film and the structured bottom of the plastic trays. As a result: product quality, shelf life and color of the food products are improved
improvement of shelf life by reducing the germ count on the expiration date

Suitable for different types of plastic trays:

Some basic tray dimensions are:


  • 187 x 137 x 50
  • 230 x 144 x 50
  • 230 x 144 x 60

(length x width x height – in mm)

Plastic types:

The BeeMagic-absorber technology is suitable for multiple types of plastics

Do you want more information about the BeeMagic-absorber machine?

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